Who’s ready for Taste of Polonia 2016?? This year we added something new to our festival, The Taste of Polonia SAY CHEESE Photo! You could have your picture taken with the Copernicus Center Tower as the backdrop! You ask what the cost is, it’s completely FREE OF CHARGE to ALL Taste of Polonia attendees! Darkroom Joe’s Photography has a booth alongside our festival information booth next to the “Tribute Stage”. The wonderful team at Darkroom Joe’s Photography has photographed the Taste of Polonia for the past 3 years and this year they’ll snap photos of you with the Tower backdrop in their booth too.

The way you get your FREE picture is to sign up with your email at our information booth which is combined with Darkroom Joe’s Photography, then will we send you a link once all the images are uploaded so you can view and download your snapshot that was taken at Taste of Polonia 2016!


Snapping The Taste of Polonia SAY CHEESE Photo’s

Darkroom Joe’s Photography in Chicago, IL is a unique photography experience which makes that perfect first impression you are looking for. By using creative photography tactics, they are able to show your concert, event, wedding or any other type of photography request in ways you could only imagine.

They are committed to making sure that their photographs translate the perception of quality and value that you are looking for. They are available for any occasion or event, big or small- just ask!

We would like to have you drop by the booth located next to the ‘Tribute Stage” to have your picture taken in front of the Copernicus Center Tower backdrop for the Taste of Polonia SAY CHEESE photo. We will have it available all weekend long! (Sept 2nd – Sept 5th)

Also, we will have a special attendee at the Darkroom Joe’s Photography & Festival Information booth that will be available to take pictures with. You’ll have to come to the festival to see who will be attending. 🙂

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Thanks to for the beautiful picture of our Tower!