The Rock The Badges Charitable organization happening is to generate money for the families of fallen Chicago Police Officers and Chicago Firefighters. Both the CPD and CFD bands battled it out to see who reigned supreme at this outdoor concert event.

Rock The Badges Chicago Event

Bands from the CPD and CFD went head-to-head battling it out with their music to win the honor of being the 2015 Rock The Badges champion. Rock the Badges charity event put together a delicate lineup including Phosphene, Jenny Rockis, Erik Lauren & The Blue Blood Sinners, Northside and a special appearance by Sami Lin.

We had the honor to photograph this charity fundraiser and met some amazing people. John Garrido, Event Organizer, teamed up with the Copernicus Center of Chicago to make this fundraiser what it is!

Please view the photos below of this amazing event. If you would like to hear more about our Chicago concert photography and event photographers, please contact us today!

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